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MLB 2K12 Season Preview – Giants Lose Battle Of The Bay World Series In 7 Games

By Bryan Rose

I’m not one who’ll be playing MLB 2K12 this year, but if you’re without a Playstation – you have no choice as MLB 2K12 is your only console option. Luckily for you, the Giants, well, they’re rated pretty high in this years version – at least according to a franchise season simulation ran by the always popular Pasta Padre.

PP put the grind to the gears this weekend and simulated the 2012 Major League Baseball season, fully equipped with the new playoff format and the San Francisco Giants ended up winning the National League West with an 88-74 record.

While no Giant came home with any fancy hardware, they did knock out both the Cincinnati Reds and Miami Marlins in the Divisional and Championship rounds before meeting the Athletics in the World Series – all rounds going to a final, series deciding game.

Certainly, it’s a bit difficult to envision the Giants and A’s meeting in the 2012 World Series – it is just a silly game after all, though, it’s not completely out of the realm. I mean, it was 2K Sports who in 2010 ran their own 2K10 playoff simulation before any games were played and the Giants, behind clutch play by Cody Ross, won the World Series.


Do you guys hear that eerie music?