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Haunting Giant Memories From 1997 – MLB To Alter Divisional Round Format?

By Bryan Rose

Remember the old playoff format in the Division series’ (say, like Marlins/Giants in ’97), you know, the two/three format with the “better” of the two teams playing the final three games of the series (if needed) at home? And you remember how odd that was? Well, good news – it’s back, well, at least according to Amy K. Nelson:

"The addition of another wild card team will create a play-in game between the two wild cards, but because the 2012 regular season schedule was made prior to this proposed addition, there may not be enough days built in for travel. Therefore, if MLB cannot find a resolution, the current 2-2-1 format would change to 2-3, with the division winners opening away from their respective home ballparks."

Although I can’t say I’m a fan of the new wild card format, which will create a one-game playoff scenario between the wild card winner and the team who finishes directly behind them, the fact that the “better” of the two teams in the division series is essentially punished? Seriously? And this is a good idea how?

To put it in simple terms, let’s say the Giants win the West and take on the Braves (who would have a lesser record in this example) in the division series. Instead of opening in San Francisco for two games and then returning for a final fifth game, if need be, they’ll open in Atlanta for two games and then return to San Francisco for the rest of the series. So, the Giants, who have the better record of the two in this scenario, start on the road.

Nelson mentions that they’re still trying to keep the current two-two-one format, but that the two-three format has already been agreed upon if they are unable to figure out a proper travel schedule.

Hold on – I have to vomit.