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What Was The Giants’ Jeff Kent Exactly Doing Ten Years Ago Today?

By Bryan Rose

Ten years ago today, March 1st, 2002 – you remember the date. The date of the infamous “injury”.

Coming off his third consecutive All-Star season and his second Silver Slugger, Giants second baseman Jeff Kent decided that with little else to do in Scottsdale, he’d take his mini-monster truck to a self-serve car wash and clean the off-roader up.

However, against his better judgement, the often off-putting slugger climbed atop his big boy toy, the cab slick with soapy water and promptly proceeded to eat concrete – fracturing his wrist in the process.

Except – none of that really happened.

A short time later after Kent’s initial story broke, 9-1-1 calls leaked about a potential motorcyclist who crashed near the Giants spring training facility while doing a series of “wheelies”. They reported that, with help from some “associates”, the broken bike was loaded into the back of a truck that resembled Kent’s leased white gas guzzler.

Of course, riding motorcycles, which Kent was known to do – heavily – was specifically banned in Kent’s most recent Giants contract. Oops.

Despite the embarrassment for both the Giants and Jeff, the injury didn’t alter Kent’s season as he still managed to play in 152 games (played 159 in the two previous years) and put up one of his best years statistically for the black and orange (.313/37/108) in what would be his final year as a Giant.

The early 2000 San Francisco Giants, despite their talent and winning ways – we’re never short of drama. From J.T. Snow‘s live saving move on Darren Baker to Kent’s motorcycle mishap to the okay-corral dustup in the San Diego dugout, they certainly left us with a lot of oddball memories.

So pour out a little kool-aid for Kent’s bike and wrist today.