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San Francisco Giants Team Rankings In MLB 12: The Show

By Bryan Rose

Despite being a week away from release, team ratings were released yesterday for the annual MLB: The Show video game – and the Giants? Well, they came in pretty average across the board.

"Overall – 12thHitting – 19thPitching – 2ndDefense – 23rd"

Of course, the ratings are all subjective – and mean absolutely nothing in the real world, but the guys at SECA always seem to do a swell job at evaluations and ratings, despite their continued desires to overrate big name free agent additions.

Curious to see what rating Brandon Belt gets – you know, if you press X, O, R1, L1, L1, X in succession, it does….nothing – he still ends up in Fresno. Some cheat that is.

You can see the Giants top nine players at the 1:16 mark of this video.