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Matt Cain’s Agents Move To CAA; Non-Needed Panic Sets In

By Bryan Rose

Yesterday afternoon, Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal reported that the agents of Giants’ co-ace Matt Cain had taken their services to CAA Sports, which sent the Giants fandom into a mild tizzy.

In reality though, there’s little reason to panic and some might even say it’s a positive move.

Cain didn’t change agents – his agents simply changed their agency, so while Cain is still represented by the same two agents, they’ll have the assistance of CAA’s baseball co-head Jeff Berry (think Buster Posey) in their talks. Not to mention, this change apparently took place over two months ago despite the news leaking yesterday.

Now what about those talks? Well, according to Liz, Berry along with Cain’s go to guys, Landon Williams & Rick Landrum – they’re all currently engaged with the Giants in a long term deal:

"Source: #MLB agents Williams, Landrum & CAA Baseball Co-Head Jeff Berry in talks with SF Giants about long-term extension for P Matt Cain."

There’s no doubt Cain wants this contract done before the start of the season – so the added importance of trying to get things into more of a progressed state isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the black and orange faithful, at least, not in my opinion. The Giants, despite some of their past contractual failures have set themselves up to afford both Cain and Lincecum, so here’s to the two sides coming to agreement soon.

And if not, here’s to me hacking Cain’s GPS so he can’t find directions to anyplace but AT&T Park.