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Giants’ Matt Cain – “Plenty Of Interest In Long Term Deal”

By Bryan Rose

Not that you needed much in terms of relief, but the Giants, uh, co-ace(?) continued to squash any speculation that he’s interested in moving on from the black and orange today, reaffirming earlier reports that he wants a deal done soon – hopefully before the Spring ends.

Per Baggs:

"Cain plans to live in another part of the city this year, and there remains plenty of mutual interest – as well as ongoing dialogue – in signing a long-term extension to remain with the Giants. “We’d all like something resolved by the end of spring training,” a relaxed Cain said after reporting to Scottsdale Stadium on Saturday. “I don’t think either side wants that to linger into the season.” Cain appeared a bit trimmer and said he “definitely tried to get in a better routine” this past offseason."

As alluded to in the piece, the Cain household going on the market was simply a normal real estate listing – nothing more – certainly not done with the intentions of moving on at season end. The home was also on the market nearly a year ago, but later removed – so it really never should’ve even been a topic of discussion as it related to Cain’s Giant future.

I’ve never felt Cain was a serious threat to leave – and if he did, he simply wasn’t interested in returning for whatever reason(s). Financially, the Giants can compete with any other franchise for Matt’s services. As I’ve said many times before, I’d be shocked if no deal is ironed out by Spring Training’s end.

If not, then I’ll panic.

*grabs paper bag*

What? I’m just being well prepared!

*hands them out*