Buster Posey

Watch San Francisco Giants 2012 Town Hall Meeting

By Bryan Rose

For those out-of-market or for those who don’t pay for the lucrative sports package, chances are, you may have missed the San Francisco Giants’ annual Town Hall Meeting which aired earlier this week.

If so – you’re in luck, thanks to YouTube user Ikwan who posted video of the meeting for all to see.

You can watch all of the parts below:

Part 1 (Affeldt, Surkamp, Lopez, Casilla, Whiteside, Hensley)

Part 2 (Huff, Pagan, Sandoval, Pill)

Part 3 (Bochy, Baer, Sabean)

Part 4 (Gardner, Kelly, Wotus, Meulens, Flannery)

Part 5 (Christian, Romo, Stewart, Runz, Weezy)

Part 6 (Bumgarner, Cain, Lincecum, Vogelsong)

Part 7 (Posey, Crawford, Belt, Schierholtz)