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San Francisco Giants Go Dumpster Diving – Sign Ramon Ortiz

By Bryan Rose

You knew pitching depth invites for Spring Training were coming and today the Giants signed former Angel, Ramon Ortiz, to a minor league deal.

The one time 16 game winner (in 2003 – with a 5.20 ERA!!!!1!1!!), now 39, was out of baseball from 2008-2009, before throwing 30 innings for the Rockies in ’10 (6.30 ERA) and 33 for the Cubs (4.86 ERA) last season.

Since ’05, Ortiz, who’s earned $15 million in that time span alone, has a 5.47 ERA in 529 innings.

The good news? If you need a talented magician for your children’s birthday party, I’m sure Ortiz is available – because not even David Copperfield could pull of that type of



All jokes aside – Ortiz has absolutely no chance of making the roster or even sticking around at the minor league levels – a waste of a roster spot.