Buster Posey

Lincecum, Sandoval, Impressed With Giants’ Speedy Additions

By Bryan Rose

As a player, you never enjoy seeing your teammates part ways – especially if they were a key cog in your World Series run. But for both Pablo Sandoval and Tim Lincecum, the speedy additions made by the Giants front office this past offseason certainly cracked a few smiles on their faces:

"“I like the moves they made. I like the speed,” ace Tim Lincecum said."

Sandoval was also happy with the speedy additions:

"“It’ll be a big difference to have those guys on base,” Pablo Sandoval said."

Unfortunately for the Giants, 2012 will also bring the return of Buster Posey – who according to Bruce Bochy, isn’t the fastest catcher on the team. Har. Har. And no, I still haven’t let that go…

Bochy has said he’ll tinker with the idea of flip-flopping Angel Pagan or Melky Cabrera atop the Giants’ lineup in Spring, though, it would seem that Pagan has the inside track given he’s more of the traditional leadoff man.

He also didn’t date former

want to be Governor

porn star Mary Carey like Cabrera, which obviously should give Pagan a few bonus points given he’s free of any STD’s.

Those can really hamper the speed on the basepaths, let me tell you. Um, so I’ve heard. From a friend.