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Keith Law Names One San Francisco Giant In Top 100 Prospect List

By Bryan Rose

Keith Law’s annual top 100 list has become some type of Baseball Bible the past few years – but despite if you agree with Law’s predictions and analysis of said prospects, it certainly gets the buzz going.

Given Brandon Belt’s circumstances, he’s ineligible for the list in Law’s mind, so only one Giant was “lucky” enough to be on Law’s coveted 100 – and of course, it’s none other than speedster Gary Brown:

"Brown is at least a 70 runner who covers a ton of ground in center field and profiles as an above-average regular in the big leagues because of the value he’ll add on defense.He is one of the fastest right-handed hitters I’ve ever clocked from home to first — the fastest is the prospect at the top of this list — and his hands are very quick, allowing him to stay inside the ball well. But his swing is very linear and he doesn’t let the ball travel, so there’s not much present or future power here. And while he makes a ton of contact he’s never been a high-walk guy to potentially generate .400 OBPs.He’ll probably end up cast as a leadoff type because of his speed, but I see more of a .300 hitter without great secondary skills who saves 10 runs a year with his glove in center."

The list is ESPN Insider only, so I wont ruin the rest for you (or take the risk of receiving a nice e-mail from an attorney) – though I will say, the #27 prospect – pretty familiar name, who now plays for the Mets is creating a bit of irritation for fans of the black and orange.

As for the Brown talk – Law’s rating of being 70 on the speed scale is pretty low, but he then mentions the scale is on a 20-80 basis, which makes his argument much more reasonable. Overall, he gives a pretty solid breakdown on Brown, but, it’s nothing we didn’t essentially already know.