Buster Posey

Buster Posey To Play 1B At Least Once A Week, Maybe More?

By Bryan Rose

We’ve all known that Buster Posey was going to play some first base this year to keep his legs (and ankle) fresh and healthy, but it appears that Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy might be considering it as more than just a once a week thing, according to Baggs:

"That’s why manager Bruce Bochy and G.M. Brian Sabean already are talking about playing Posey at first base at least once a week, and possibly more, to keep his bat in the lineup. They don’t expect to have a gauge on his durability as a catcher until the end of the spring."

Posey himself said yesterday that he’s not 100% and that the ankle still gives him trouble, especially in the cool western (Arizona, San Francisco) mornings as it stiffens up, but he did say he’s been encouraged with the “speedy” progress and that all of the rehab goals had not only been met but exceeded.

As for his play at first, whatever he needs to stay healthy, I’m all for it – unfortunately, between Huff and some inevitable spot starts for Pill to keep him fresh, the squeeze continues to get tighter on Brandon Belt, who seemingly has his name etched into the bench if he’s to stay at the Major League level.