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Tim Lincecum Says He Wants To Be A Giant For His “Whole Career”

By Bryan Rose

With a hat tip to ATF’s own Ashley, Tim Lincecum told Rael Enteen of CSN Bay Area he’d like to remain a San Francisco Giant for the rest of his career:

"Tim Lincecum: ‘I’d like to be a Giant my whole career’ when asked if he’s unhappy re signing 2-yr deal. #SFGiants#askthesfgiants"

Granted, it’s not as if he’ll claim otherwise, though, the much beloved “we’ll see where we’re at in two years, but I love it here right now” response was out there which he opted against using. That said though, I’ve never felt Tim leaving (at least currently) was much of a huge concern. There’s no doubt he wants to get paid, possibly sign the first $200 million dollar contract for a pitcher in two years – but I honestly do believe he wants to be a Giant long-term.

Of course, I’m biased. But I’m really not. Well, a bit.

Crap, now you made me panic, people. Good job. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, brea…where’s that paper bag…