Buster Posey

San Francisco Giants – The 16th Best Team In Baseball?

By Bryan Rose

Well according to Yahoo Sports and Tim Brown, yes, yes they are.

"2011 record: 86-76Finish: Second, NL West2011 final payroll: $118.2 millionEstimated 2012 opening day payroll: $130 millionYahoo! Sports’ offseason rank: 16thHashtags: #sanfrancisc, #no-o, #missbuster, #panda-monium, #lousealbawl, #freddysrevenge, #rakedzito, #lettimmy…"

For everything that went universally right in 2010, 2011 was a year that the Giants clearly sold their souls to the devil – a cruel joke if I’ve ever seen one. Buster Posey out for the season. Pablo Sandoval? Broken hand. Freddy Sanchez? *sounds of breaking glass* Aubrey Huff? Oh god, don’t make me remember. Jonathan Sanchez? Not even a straight jacket would have fixed his mental issues, completely ignoring the season long injuries. Even Barry Zito, who at the time was actually pitching effectively (well, for Zito), goes down with significant injury – and this doesn’t even have to do with all of the nagging hiccups the Giants encountered in the training room throughout the year, just the long-term issues. For all the fun that 2010 was, 2011 was it’s ugly sister who wouldn’t stop calling you at 3 AM.

My point in all of this? The Giants are going to be hard pressed to match the horrificness that was 2011, even with their cabbage patch lineup. Sure, a devastating injury to one of the main pitching cogs and the Giants are going to be crying orange tears, but assuming the 2011 Giants issues are going to translate into 2012 is a pretty big assumption, which Brown seems to be doing with comments like this:

"In fact, the Giants will have to overachieve to be good."

Look, I’m not claiming the Giants are going to be running down Market Street come November again, we’ve got a long road ahead of us – but for all that went wrong in 2011, to run guys like Eli Whiteside and a rotation of Miguel Tejada/Orlando Cabrera out there nightly, to miss the likes of Sandoval, Posey, Sanchez and more for months on end, yet still win 86 games? I’d say the Giants have a puncher’s chance in ’12, but, what do I know – the “experts” have made their choices, so I guess our fate is sealed. I just hope Brown’s effectiveness in predictions translates as well as it did in 2010…