Buster Posey

Buster Posey Interview On KNBR

By Melissa Felkins

As we mentioned yesterday, Buster Posey was on KNBR with Murph and Mac this morning. The full interview is here.

Buster Posey KNBR Interview 2/1/2012

First off, he’s already in San Francisco and will be at Fan Fest this weekend. While he said he couldn’t say for sure yet if he was 100%, he did say that he has met or exceeded all of his goals during the recovery process. He was pleasantly surprised to be blocking balls already, but admitted there can always be bumps in the road. His motto has just been to stay positive.

Other tidbits he dropped were him saying while he never wanted to be injured, he admitted the timing worked out well for the new father of twins. He’s open to playing first base if he or the team needs him and emphasized how lucky he was to work with the caliber of pitching staff the Giants have.

He’s looking forward to catching more of Ryan Vogelsong since he didn’t get the chance to catch him a lot during last season.

As for the Scott Cousins “incident,” he says “it’s done. It’s over with.”

Oh, and he never argued with his Mom and Dad. As if there was ever any question.