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Lou Piniella Leaves Giants To Take Job At YES Network

By Bryan Rose

Little in the way of Giant news today, so we give you this, courtesy of Baggs:

"#SFGiants special assistant Lou Piniella has left the team to take a Tampa-based broadcasting gig with YES Network, @nickcafardo reported."

Piniella, not to be confused with Lou Seal (and I can see why you would) didn’t even last a year as a special “consultant” to the Black and Orange, as he was hired February 2nd of 2011.

Originally brought on to help the Giants with player evaluations and trade opportunities, Piniella reported to Sabean a handful of times this past year during potential acquisitions and scouting scenarios – my general assumption of the conversations going:

"Sabean – Wamp wamp, wamp wamp.Piniella – Wamp wamp wam, wamp wamp, wamp wamp wamp wamp.Sabean – Wamp wamp!"