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San Francisco Giants Showing Interest In Xavier Nady?

By Bryan Rose

Man, if it was 2007, the Giants would be killer.

Per Schulman:

"Next name to watch for Giants: Xavier Nady. There’s some mutual interest, but almost certainly on a minor-league deal + invite."

Other than organizational depth, don’t see a ton of reason for Nady at first or in the outfield, both of which are already log-jammed.

Oh wait. This means Belt goes to the minors while Nady plays backup to Pill and Huff? GET ME ON THAT TRAIN! CHOO CHOO.


Then again, the Padres DID give Nady three games at third in the ’05 season to which he posted a perfect fielding record – maybe this is Sabean’s master plan. Nady, the utility infielder!!1!1!