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Categories the Giants Pitching Staff Didn’t Dominate In

By Stuart Jones

You may have noticed, but the Giants pitchers are pretty good. Maybe it’s the park they play in, maybe it’s those beautiful creme uniforms with no name on the back. It’s probably more the pitching coach and the game strategy provided by the other members of the coaches and scouts. Their staff dominated lot of statistical categories in 2011 so I thought it would be more interesting to write about what they didn’t dominate in (I defined “dominate” in terms of “Top 10” since there were a couple categories that were pretty close within the Top 10). And it takes some time to find.

Hit By Pitches: 14th fewest (50)

BB%: 2nd highest (9.1%)

Pitches: 9th most (23,920)… though analyze that how you like

Win Probability Added (WPA): 11th (3.29)

Clutch: 12th (1.53)

Pretty difficult and I’m sure there’s more categories out there I wasn’t able to find, but the Giants pitching staff is pretty amazing. This also says they dominate pretty much every other pitching category out there and it will continue to be fun to watch these boys throw in 2012.