SF Giants News

Lincecum Rejects 5 Year, $100 Million Contract

By Melissa Felkins

According to NBC Bay Area (and everyone other news source), Tim Lincecum has reportedly turned down a 5 year, $100 million contract from the San Francisco Giants. I think the general consensus is that he’ll likely sign a two-year contract, but you never know when things can change. It’s been reported over and over that Lincecum either wants a one to two year contract or a long-term, seven to eight year contract. We’ve heard Tim say that he didn’t especially want a long term contract. All of this has put a lot of Giants fan at an unease. However, I’m not sure that we need to be scared.

Essentially, I think he’s saying, pay me big now, or give me the security and safety of a long-term contract. He’s looking out for himself. And he should. He’s a professional baseball player whose career could end at a moment’s notice, as can any professional athlete’s career. The Giants are hesitant to sign long-term after the disaster of Barry Zito and I’m sure Lincecum has seen how the fans have turned on Zito and doesn’t want that either. Five years seems like a good compromise, but the truth is, Lincecum could go elsewhere and make a lot more that $20 million a year for five years. I think $20 is fine for the next year or two, but if he continues to produce in year three, four and five, he’ll be worth more than $20 million a year. The Giants just need to give him his two years at about $20-22 million and be prepared to pay out the big bucks in a couple of years. You can’t have your ace and not expect to pay for it.