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Lincecum And Giants Nearing Contract Extension?

By Bryan Rose

It’s only been a few days since Tim Lincecum and the San Francisco Giants filed their arbitration figures, but it appears that both sides are nearing a deal according to everybody’s favorite beat writer, Andrew Baggerly:

"The Giants and the agent for Tim Lincecum have made significant progress in the 48 hours after arbitration figures were exchanged Wednesday, and sources say both sides are confident of a resolution before a hearing would be scheduled to determine a salary for the two-time Cy Young Award winner"

The Giants and Lincecum were $4.5 million apart in their figures, so the general assumption (as most pre-arbitration cases go) is that they’ll meet near the middle on a one to two year deal.

I will say Baggerly’s lack of mention on years is a bit odd, given how freely we’ve seen the mention of one and two year deals thrown around before – certainly makes you speculate (maybe more wishfully hope) they’re working on a four of five year deal, but I just really don’t see much reason for Tim to put his name on the dotted line for that right now.

I’d happily take a longer deal, but I’m assuming we’ll see a two year contract for the Giants ace soon – which is still plenty good enough to make my baseball pants happy.