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2012 Giants Slogan Revealed?

By Stuart Jones

So tonight I’m just minding my own business chillin’ on a Friday night with my cats when BOOM:

And you’re thinking to yourself: “I’m passionate! I’m a fan! I’m 2012!” and then you start going through the website and then you think about shooting that video of yourself and then you look at the tweet again at those words: “Let’s get back. Together.” At first you get bad memories from high school and then you’re wondering if that’s the 2012 slogan of YOUR San Francisco Giants (see what I did there?). Humm Baby, It’s Gonna Be Fun figuring out if this is gonna be it, because you know we have nothing else to do. But going into 2012, taking a look at who’s on the roster and just because we miss baseball to a large degree, You Gotta Like These Kids and when they Bring It Home next year you’re just gonna be all I Feel Good!

Ok, you probably are tired of that. I found a bunch of the old slogans here and it was fun to go through them.

I am hoping that that is not the slogan. Then again, I hoped “It’s Magic Inside” wasn’t our slogan in 2010 and look where that got us. Maybe odd slogans have a way of working. This one after much thought though, feels a little creepy… like they want to ’round up the 2010 gang again…