SF Giants News

Orlando Cabrera Announces Retirement

By Ashley Varela

After 15 seasons and a bumpy ride with the Giants, Orlando Cabrera is retiring from baseball. As reported by ESPN’s Enrique Rojas (and currently unconfirmed by the Giants):

"@Enrique_Rojas1 Orlando Cabrera to retire from baseball, he said in Colombia radio station. Thanks for memories!"

It makes sense on many levels. Cabrera is 37 years old. He has completed a full career that includes a World Series Championship, 2,055 hits, 985 runs, and 2 Gold Gloves. His performance has been steadily declining in the past two years, which he’s spent with five different teams.

Unfortunately, the Giants caught him at the tail end of his time in the majors, when he batted .222/.241/.270 with 28 hits and 4 runs in 133 plate appearances. According to Baseball Reference, he ended the season with a complete game at shortstop—a position he held for his entire career—and a home run, the only one he hit in his time with San Francisco. I wish I could remember that home run. I wish I could remember any of the other three runs he contributed to the Giants, instead of the vaguely negative memories I have blocked out from 2011.

Congratulations, Orlando Cabrera. You’ve lead a long and satisfying career that I will probably never remember, and I wish you the best. And congratulations to Brandon Crawford, too—I guess this means the job is yours after all.