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How Free Agent Signings Affect the Giants: Albert Pujols

By Amanda Gill

In what is most likely going to be the biggest signing of this offseason, Albert Pujols signed a 10-year deal with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The question that then needs to be answered is, what does that mean for the San Francisco Giants?

In short, it means that the Giants only have to face the hitter known as “The Machine” for one series during the 2012 regular season. The Giants will play the Angels June 18th, 19th, and 20th at Angel Stadium. My guess for the starting 2012 rotation is Lincecum, Cain, Vogelsong, Bumgarner, and Zito. This means that if they keep with that order until June; Vogelsong, Bumgarner, and Zito will be the starting pitchers for the series.

Albert Pujols has 70 career at-bats against the Giants’ starting five(Eric Surkamp has never faced Pujols). In that time he has collected 27 hits for a .386 average with four homeruns and four strikeouts. Breaking that down into each pitcher clarifys this a little.

Tim Lincecum has had the most success against Pujols. In 17 at-bats against “The Freak”, Pujols has 5 hits for a .294 average with four strikeouts and no homeruns.

While Matt Cain has not given up a homerun to Albert Pujols, in 14 at-bats Pujols is batting .571. This is of course a very small sample size, and Cain is still a terrific pitcher.

Ryan Vogelsong, who just signed a two-year deal, has yielded one homerun to Pujols in 15 at-bats while Pujols has a .400 average against everyone’s favorite breakout player of 2011.

The southpaw from North Carolina, Madison Bumgarner, has only pitched to Pujols six times, yielding two hits one of which was a homerun.

Barry Zito has the most experience against Pujols(barely). After 18 at-bats, Pujols is batting .333 with six of his hits going out of the park.

Basically, Albert Pujols going to an American League team worked out well for the Giants during the 2012 season. Now if only our first baseman could produce these numbers during the 2012 season…