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Giants Get Steal In Vogelsong Deal

By Bryan Rose

As Ashley alluded to yesterday, the Giants and Ryan Vogelsong came to terms on a two year deal worth just over $8 million dollars which includes a team option for 2014. At a price tag of just over $4 million a year, you’re not going to find a much better deal for a starter of Vogelsong’s caliber.

One year wonder some might say? Not hardly. While Ryan might be hard pressed to replicate his fantastic 2011 season, there’s no doubt Voggy turned the corner and learned how to pitch during his time in Japan and the minor leagues.

Vogelsong’s 2011 season wasn’t a trend of luck or even a hot start as Voggy finished the season as strong as he started it. A product of AT&T you say? In a way – his home/road splits were certainly in favor of AT&T, but who’s aren’t (other than Lord Lincecum)? His very respectable 3.57 ERA on the road in 70+ innings was still very solid and better than a lot of bigger name pitchers.

Let’s put it this way – absurd as the demands are, Edwin Jackson is asking for an annual contract of $15+ million a year. His batting average against was nearly .290 this past year between Chicago (AL) and St. Louis. Put that into perspective for a second. Even if he gets half of that desired contract, Vogelsong is a better (and far more consistent and reliable starter) than Jackson is, so at four million a year? That’s Dollar Store stuff.

Anyway you slice it, the Giants did good to bring Vogelsong back, especially on such a team friendly deal. And from the masses of black and orange, welcome back Ryan (and Nicole!).