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Giants And Matt Cain Progressing On Contract Extension

By Bryan Rose

Per our local superhero, Baggs:

"Evans confirmed that the club has spoken with Cain’s representatives in recent days. He described the talks as “very healthy dialogue and it’s ongoing.”“I’m an optimist by nature so you can pretty well gather we’ll do everything we can with all parties to come to agreeable terms,” Evans said. “They’ve been very responsive.”"

Baggs also touches on the Tim Lincecum contract extension talk, or actually, the lack of given the quiet nature of the proceedings.

As of right now, I’m not worried in either case as the agents are just doing their job. Even if we see Cain attempt to test the market (which certainly might happen), it would be done in effort to force the Giants hand into a more “fair” deal – not with intentions of leaving. The risk is there, of course, but I don’t see Cain or Lincecum leaving for greener pastures right now.

My best guess is Cain will get his extension done before the season to avoid any distractions in-season.