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Seedling To Stars Looks At Upcoming San Francisco Giants For ’12 & Beyond

By Bryan Rose

FanSided’s Seedlings To Stars featured our San Francisco Giants in this weeks “Harvesting Opinions” piece and tackled the question of which Giant (non-pitcher) could make the biggest impact on the current Major League Roster.

"Brett Pill takes far too much crap from Giants fans. I understand that he shouldn’t have been playing over Belt (who I still fully endorse) in September, but we also shouldn’t write him off as a standard Quad-A slugger. After all, a big part of the reason power guys can fail to make it in the big leagues is striking out too often, and Pill is a player who struck out just 54 times—under 10% of the time!—in Triple-A. He then went 15-for-50 with seven extra-base hits and just eight strikeouts with the Giants, so he wasn’t overmatched in his first exposure to big leaguers. I could see Pill as a valuable right-handed bat off the bench."

In addition to the current names , Wally and Nathaniel look at Giants down the road who they believe will make impacts at AT&T Park in a few years.