Buster Posey

Mike Krukow Talks Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants

By Bryan Rose

San Francisco Giants color man Mike Krukow called in to the MLB Network this past week and spoke with Jay Berman about the Giants and namely Buster Posey. Nothing groundbreaking was said, but Krukow touched on the difficult process of removing Posey from catching so many games in 2012 and also mentioned he expected Posey to have zero limitations (physically) for the ’12 season.

Krukow, although we love him, also dabbled in a bit of his unique homerisms, saying the Giants should return to ’10 form with a healthy Buster Posey since he makes everybody around him so much better.

If only, Kruk, if only.

You can listen to Krukow’s call in by clicking here.