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San Francisco Giants 2012 Projections – Matt Cain

By Bryan Rose

Matt Cain must feel weird. He’s younger than 95% of the roster, yet, he’s still the longest tenured Giant by far and if Brian Sabean and company have their way – he’ll hopefully be locked up in black and orange for quite a while longer.

For both Cain and the Giants, if no extension is agreed upon before the start of the season, it’ll be a whirlwind of rumors – some of which have already started as speculation has the New York Yankees vaulting away their greenbacks in hopes of bringing Cain to the Big Apple in 2013.

Given the contracts that were recently shelled out to pitchers below Cain’s level, such as C.J. Wilson, the piece that Andrew Baggerly wrote six weeks back of Cain’s contract exceeding $150 million dollars in the open market doesn’t seem so far fetched. But Cain, unlike most other Giants, has settled down here – so while he may be Alabama born, one could reasonably assume that he’d prefer to stay in San Francisco at all costs. However, don’t get it twisted – Cain’s going to get paid and get paid nicely. If the money’s right and the Giants don’t try to low ball him, I don’t doubt Cain will skip the free agency window – but if not, I certainly could see Cain test it simply to get the Giants to pony up. I don’t think Cain would have any intentions of leaving unless he was given an offer he couldn’t refuse – the testing of free agency would just be for his own financial benefit.

As for his 2012 season – there’s not much to say. You know what you’re going to get from Matt Cain, provided he’s healthy. Cain’s a workhorse – 200+ innings, a low 3.00, sub 2.90 ERA and a filthy 1.08 type WHIP. It’s simply what Cain do.

Matt has continually improved his WHIP and BAA in the past three years, all while keeping his ERA among the league’s top 10. So how say you Giant fans? Does the impending contract (assuming no extension is agreed upon) become a distraction? Does Cain rev it up even more? Or is it just a blip on the radar for another fantastic ’12 season?