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San Francisco Giants 2012 Projections – Jeremy Affeldt

By Bryan Rose

Ah – January, how I love you so. Only a month plus until pitchers and catchers report, so as the season draws nearer we here at Around The Foghorn are going to look into projections for your San Francisco Giants, along with help from you – the readers.

Our first subject for the series? None other than Jeremy Affeldt.

Affeldt had his return to glory during the 2011 campaign as he finished the year with a 2.63 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, a .207 BAA in 61+ innings pitched for the black and orange, a welcome change from the injury plagued 2010 – a year where Lou Seal could have taken the lefty deep a few times.

Coming into 2012, Affeldt oddly became the subject of fan scrutiny, though, through no fault of his own as his excessive (although, seemingly fair given market value) contract was picked up at a clip of over $5 million dollars. The Giants were unfortunately put between a rock and a hard place given Affeldt’s contract as declining it would have opened him up to the rest of the league where a few GM’s were salivating at the thought of the lefty in their pen. Despite your feelings on Affeldt, he’s here and money that could have been spent elsewhere is well, in St. Louis – so what’s done is done.

What to expect from Jeremy in 2012? Well, depending on how you view it, positive or negative – he doesn’t seem to have any trends in his career, unlike say an Aubrey Huff who tends to counter a bad year with a good year, and vice versa. Outside of his injury plagued ’10, Affeldt hasn’t had an ERA inflated over 3.51 since 2007 and has had two fine healthy years in San Francisco book-ending his poor 2010.

So, how say you, Giant fans? What do you expect out of Affelt in 2012?