Buster Posey

Ten Resolutions for the Giants in 2012

By Ashley Varela

It’s finally 2012, which means we can officially forget about the 2011 season. All those devastating injuries and embarrassing losses? Never happened. As we count down to spring training, here are ten resolutions to keep in mind for the new season.

10. Try to prove, once again, that it is possible to contend without an offense.

9. Try to have an offense. With Posey and Sanchez making a return, I’m thinking the Giants can manage three or four runs per game. (Well, four is pushing it.)

8. Get Pablo Sandoval and Melky Cabrera in shape. A slimmer Panda worked wonders last season, and Melky had a breakout year of his own in 2011. We know it’s possible, I just want to see them put in the work to make it happen.

7. Watch Barry Zito pitch the best year of his career. Or, at the very least, watch another $19M go down the drain in style.

6. Find another innocent player to nickname “Baby insert cute animal name here,” if only to watch fans sew stuffed toys to their caps. We already have Baby Giraffe (Brandon Belt), Crazy Horse (Angel Pagan), and Kung Fu Panda (Pablo Sandoval). Who’s next?

5. Use the DL no more than five times.

4. Free Brandon Belt.

3. Keep Buster Posey healthy, even if it means watching Eli Whiteside catch. Heck, keep Buster Posey healthy even if it means watching Pablo Sandoval catch.

2. Win the division.

1. Forget the division, win the World Series! Dream with me, you know you want to. With the extra wild card in play this year, it may not matter if the Giants manage to lock down the NL West, so long as they make it to the postseason. After that, it’s just a piece of cake. Right?

What are you hoping for from the Giants this year?