Buster Posey

MLBTR – Giants Poised To Make “Significant” Offensive Jump In 2012?

By Bryan Rose

While the Giants didn’t dabble in any big name free agent moves – or, really any free agent moves, I think most would feel confident in saying that the 2012 Giants are better than the 2011 Giants on paper. How much better though, is the question.

The Giants spent an injury plagued 2011 among the bottom five teams in runs scored (along with Seattle, San Diego, Pittsburgh and Houston) – however, their 86 wins were 14 more than the nearest “competitor”, that being the Pittsburgh Pirates who finished the year with 72 wins. With an improved offense and hopefully better health, can the Giants break the 90 win plateau, usually the needed total to make the postseason? It appears Ben Smith of MLB Trade Rumors thinks so:

"Giants (570) – The Giants traded for Angel Pagan and Melky Cabrera, who have both been above-average offensive players in the recent past. The Giants could improve considerably with a full season of Buster Posey and possible improvement from Brandon Belt.The Giants are best-positioned to make a significant offensive jump in 2012, in my opinion. Not only do Pagan and Cabrera provide possible upgrades, Posey’s return and Belt’s upside will likely invigorate the offense that finished last in the National League in scoring in 2011."