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Giants And Lincecum Continue To Work On Contract Extension

By Bryan Rose

It’s been pretty quiet on the Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain front for the Giants the past month, but as the season draws closer, things are bound to heat up.

Today, CBS’s Jon Heyman reports that Lincecum and the Giants are struggling to find a middle ground on contract talks and are currently looking into a one to two year extension as opposed to a longer term deal:

"The Giants are believed to have raised an offer they made this summer that was said to have been for four years and presumably about $80 million sometime in the past few weeks, but Lincecum, a two-time Cy Young winner and the 2010 World series MVP, is thought to be seeking an eight-year deal. Neither side has suggested exactly where the Giants stand now, but people familiar with the talks suggest the sides are also weighing one- and two-year options now, a clear signal that they aren’t yet close to agreeing on a contract of substantial length."

As much as I love Tim, it’s crazy talk to give anything remotely close to eight years – it’s crazy to go over five, even for Tim – so I’m hardly opposed to a one or two year extension. Yes, the risk for Lincecum to leave is there, but unless Tim’s “people” come down in their demands it just doesn’t make reasonable sense for the Giants to hand out anything more than a few years.