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Could Giants End Up Owning The A’s TV/Radio Networks in San Jose?

By Bryan Rose

It’s been going on for quite some time and it’s bound to go on for much longer, but the fight between the Giants and A’s territorial rights in San Jose has been heating up recently. As you know, the A’s are open to the idea of moving to San Jose, however the Giants control the territorial rights to the area and appear dead-set on keeping it that way, despite the fact that in 1993 the Oakland A’s relinquished their rights to Santa Clara County when the Giants had a stadium proposal on the ballot.

It’s understandable that the Giants don’t want to just give up their rights, after all, they were operating under the impression that their long-term commitments with sponsors and lenders would include the very financially important Silicon Valley – something they’d lose in the battle, both literally and figuratively as much of those funds would most likely head towards the Athletics’s way.

Despite the Giant’s opposition to the move, they themselves can’t fully block it – as much as they’d like to have that ability. What they can do however is meet with MLB and show the drastic alteration in their finances that it would create, certainly giving the MLB reason to question the move. After all, if you’re Major League Baseball, do you want to risk hurting two franchises in the move?

The Giants, simply from a karma standpoint, have every reason to give the A’s the territorial rights considering the situation was reversed in 1993 – but financially, the move could be detrimental. Granted, you’d assume the Giants would get a pretty hefty compensation package similar to those talked about/given in previous professional sport franchise movements (like the Orioles being given radio/TV broadcast rights to all Washington National games) – but would it be enough to sustain the blow?