Buster Posey

Bruce Bochy Continues To Fight For Buster Posey Rule Change

By Bryan Rose

Poor Buster Posey. He must feel like the teenager who was wronged and his annoying parent wont give up the ghost on trying to make their kid feel better. I’m sure he never wants to hear another thing about Scott Cousins or a potential rule change, but Bruce Bochy, a former catcher himself, isn’t giving up the fight so easily and he continues to push for an alteration in the way catchers are left exposed at homeplate.

In the above video (sorry about the sound, Buster must record in a cave), ESPN’s Buster Olney talked to Bochy recently about his efforts and wishes to protect catchers who are, despite your view on the potential change, left completely open for significant injury more than others.

Do I think Bochy is doing the right thing? There is part of me that says it’s part of the game, but, clearly, there are rules in line to protect other players such as middle infielders as well as first baseman from injury – so I’m not sure catchers should be immune from help because they have a half inch of padding on their chest and some Fischer Price plastic on their knees.

It’s a good topic for debate, but Bochy seems determined to get Joe Torre to change his mind and I can’t fault him for trying to protect the health of catchers.