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Linkin’ Round The Cove – December 26th Edition

By Bryan Rose

A belated Merry Christmas to all of the Around The Foghorn readers – it’s been a busy few days, but Santa’s back at the


Pole and it’s time to get back to Giants baseball.

So to catch you up on the happenings of the past few days, let’s get to another Linkin’ Round the Cove edition:

22Gigantes – Former Giant and well known Giant killer Yorvit Torreabla had quite the issue with a Winter League umpire.

Bay Area Sports Guy – Is Tim Lincecum worth the desired 8 year deal? Does it make sense for the Giants?

Crazy Crabbers – Annoyed the Giants coughers didn’t run deep enough for Carlos Beltran? You aren’t the only one..

GiantsPod – GP talksk with Johnny Monell, a minor league catcher in the Giants system.

The Outside Corner – The OC takes a trip to the farm and looks at the Giants’ current top 10 minor leaguers.

Giants Nirvana – Playing devil’s advocate with the Giants finances.

Giants Win – Barry Zito helps the Giants in their annual Christmas party held for underprivileged children.