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Giants Finalize Eli Whiteside Contract – Career Minor Leaguers Rejoice

By Bryan Rose

Ah, you know that old item from high school you saved – it just sits in your closet, it’s pretty worthless, has no value and really isn’t doing much more than taking up space. But, it has memories attached to it! Really fancy memories! Like when you got busted for ditching – and doing not so legal things. It doesn’t matter that you have a more updated and upgraded version of that same item that’s far more valuable and efficient, it’s just not that same.

That’s Eli Whiteside. Well, at least, to Brian Sabean it is.

The Giants finalized their contract with Whiteside today, signing him to a one year deal that will pay him $600,000 if he is on the major league roster and $175,000 if in the minors.

I love Eli – he’s a great guy, but really? Even from an organizational depth standpoint – really!?

Did I say really yet?

Unless Carlos Beltran appears under my black and orange themed Christmas tree, this off-season has been a swift kick to the chestnuts.