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Fan Vote: Do You Like The Angel Pagan Trade?

By Bryan Rose

I’m pretty sure I’ve never come across a Giant fan that didn’t like Andres Torres. Even at his lowest point, despite their frustration, fans universally loved Andres Torres. He was the 2010 Giants, just wrapped into a one player mold. Seeing him go creates nothing but a heavy heart filled with a lifetime of good memories. But with that said, Andres is now a New York Met and Angel Pagan is a San Francisco Giant. Despite all of our special memories with Andres, it’s extremely difficult to say the Giants didn’t improve with the addition of Pagan over Torres – it’s just to what level, be it minor or significant. Add in the loss of Ramon Ramirez and…..how do you feel about the move?

Did Sabean do your holiday season right, Giant fans?