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Giants Trade Andres Torres & Ramon Ramirez To Mets For Angel Pagan

By Bryan Rose


The trade has been completed. We’ll have a breakdown of the trade soon.

Brief tid-bit for your Tuesday evening as Andrew Baggerly is reporting the Giants and Mets have discussed a trade that would send Andres Torres along with Ramon Ramirez to New York in exchange for outfielder Angel Pagan.

Per Baggs:

"Giants trade proposal believed to be Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez to the Mets for Angel Pagan. Not definite, but promising."

Pagan, 29, had a slightly woeful year in New York this past season as he struggled with injuries, only playing in 123 games. When he did play, he wasn’t right, that much was clear but he has shown an ability to be a difference maker with his solid hitting and above average speed in previous seasons. Offensively, he’s an upgrade over Torres (not huge, but, an upgrade).

On the defensive side of the ball, I have to give Torres the nod – although, it’s not by a wide margin. Both players skill set can (and in Torres’ case has) allow them to roam the huge NL West ballparks with ease and neither player has any issues in center, although both have shown they can play the corner if need be as well. In short, you’re taking a small defensive hit for a solid offensive improvement.

The kicker comes from Ramierz who’s suddenly become quite the hot ticket the past few weeks. In the addition of Ramon enough to justify the similar yet slightly upgraded Torres in Angel Pagan?