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San Francisco Giants’ Tim Lincecum Wanted An 8 Year Deal?

By Bryan Rose

According to SI’s Jon Heyman (you can already take that for what its worth), that was the counter from Tim Lincecum‘s agent when the Giants presented him a four year contract extension months ago:

"#sfgiants seek middle ground w/ lincecum. 1st bid months ago was 4 yrs, he’d like 8. Tim ok w/1 or 2 yrs too. in line for $18-20M via arb"

This is the first we’ve heard of any type of contract with Lincecum that went beyond a single season or two, as Tim himself has mentioned many times before about his preference to stay on short term deals (which makes sense for both the player and franchise).

How much validity is in Heyman’s report is yet to be seen – either way, certainly interesting to note.