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Could San Francisco Giants Look Into Former Top Prospect Jerome Williams?

By Bryan Rose

In the past few days, I’ve seen a small handful of both fans and writers (such as Baggs) bring up the idea of bringing back former Giant top prospect, Jerome Williams.

The puka shell wearing Williams had a resurgence this past season after signing a minor league contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, going 4-0 with a 3.68 ERA in limited action – though, those numbers don’t tell the whole story as Williams was lit up in two relief appearances. As a starter, Williams gave up 10 runs in 39 innings – good for a 2.30 ERA in the un-pitcher friendly American League.

Many question marks remain Williams which will undoubtedly eat into potential offers – but given the Giants’ need for a cheap fifth starter (come on, you know Zito can’t hold onto it…) and the luxury of pitching in the NL West (with homebase being pitcher friendly AT&T), it seems like a solid pairing for both Williams and the Giants.

Maybe you’re pushing your luck after the feel good Ryan Vogelsong situation last year. Maybe it blows up in your face, but the risk will be cheap and the reward could be very positive for both the player and the franchise, so, I’ve found myself getting on board with it.

I still think there are other potential possibilities for a fifth starter, such as an incentive laden contract to Erik Bedard, but I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed with a Jerome Williams reunion.

And if you’re curious, Williams currently is 5-0, with a 1.00ERA, 12BB, 25K, a .219BAA in 36 winter ball innings.

Yes, it’s winter ball – but still….