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San Francisco Giants In Talks With Braves Shortstop Alex Gonzalez

By Bryan Rose

Per Ken Rosenthal:

"Source: Free-agent SS Alex Gonzalez talking to #SFGiants. First reported by ESPN Deportes. #MLB"

When it comes to rumors, Rosenthal is usually within striking distance unlike a lot of the other MLB scribes, so, you generally take what Kenny says with a bit more seriousness – and Gonzalez does make sense. I’ve made mention of Alex multiple times, saying he was my favorite outside of Jamey Carroll and that still holds true. But, but….we’re going to run into a problem.

The unfortunate part when it comes to Gonzalez is the fact that he’s not really any better than Brandon Crawford. They’re both extremely talented defenders – and both sub-par with the stick. That’s not the worst thing to have as I’m a big proponent of having excellent defense at shortstop, which again both have, the problem for me is playing Gonzalez over Crawford, which makes little sense. Given Bochy is steering this ship and his know love of vets – something Gonzalez’s role fits into perfectly, you can’t help but think it’s just a matter of time until we have a Huff/Belt situation on our hands. The fact that he’s as sure handed defensively as Crawford and has “proven” himself all but scares me to think he’ll quickly replace Crawford in the opening weeks, if not before then, once the MLB’s version of The Professor begins to struggle.

Given the on-field similarities between the two, for me, it makes the most sense to see what the young kid can do given time. We know what Alex brings – and solid as that is (and vomit inducing on the offensive end), it’s just not that much better, if any, than Crawford.

Alex as a backup? All day, every day. No problem with that. But replacing Crawford? I’ll pass.