Buster Posey

Giants’ VP Bobby Evans Talks Jose Reyes, Beltran, Jimmy Rollins, Posey

By Bryan Rose

The Giants like Brandon Crawford. But they don’t love him. But they like him – more than they did a month ago. They’re probably passing notes in class to him, hoping he circles the “yes” option when asked if he wants to be the Giants’ starting shortstop for 2012. Of course, they didn’t include the fine print which is a trip to Fresno if the Giants sign Jose Reyes or Jimmy Rollins. But they’re not going to do that. Well, probably not going to do that. Well, most likely not going to do that. Well, unless the market dictates that they can…

Yeah. Bobby Evans, that wasn’t confusing at all.

Mr. Evans joined Casey Stern and Jim Bowden on Sirius’ MLB Network recently and talked about potential San Francisco Giant free agent targets in which he claimed the Giants have no interest in Reyes or Rollins, except, that they do, but only if the market says they can.

Oh – and that they’re in contract negotiations with Carlos Beltran, who, may or may not be interested in returning. Definitive.

Confused yet? Me either. Just be happy with your big name offseason acquisition, Melky Cabrera. Cause that’s what you’re getting.

You can listen to Evans’ short interview by clicking here (he also talks Buster Posey, so that should brighten your day)