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Who Will Be Biggest Impact in 2012 For Giants?

By Melissa Felkins

So, we’ve all seen that Sabean doesn’t plan on making any big moves. Other than the slim possibility of signing Carlos Beltran, what we have is as good as it gets. Stop it with the Jose Reyes, the Prince Fielder, the Albert Pujols and whatever else big name free agent you are drooling over. It’s. Probably. Not. Going. To. Happen. And by probably, I mean, its not going to happen. If I’m wrong, I’ll go buy a Barry Zito Jersey and actually wear it. Do they even make those? And who would actually buy and wear one anyway?

So given what we’re looking at now, what player do you think makes the biggest impact for the Giants in 2012? I’ll even be generous and let you include Beltran in this mix. Playing make believe is good for us sometimes. You could easily argue a pitcher, Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, Ryan Vogelsong, Madison Bumgarner, Brian Wilson or Sergio Romo. Those guys make a pretty big impact night in and night out. Or, if you are like me and dreaming of the day when Buster Posey steps on the field at AT&T Park for the first time next season in his catcher gear, then that is another solid option. In this dream of mine, I’m happy and not crying, however, I’m sure in real life, I’ll be crying like I did the night he went down, except tears of joy. There is the return of Freddy Sanchez, maybe seeing Brandon Belt with some playing time, Huff being the ultimate cheerleader (from the bench hopefully), a Carlos Beltran possessed by the Barry Bonds of AT&T past or Pablo Sandoval just doing, well, anything.

So let’s hear it. Veteran. Rookie. Bat boy. Who is going to make the 2012 Giants season?