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San Francisco Giants In Contract Negotiations With Ryan Vogelsong

By Bryan Rose

Some mildly interesting news from Urbz this afternoon (who has a new blog, UrbsUnchained.com), who’s reporting that Giants starter Ryan Vogelsong and the front office have been in discussions on a new deal:

"A reliable source told me that the Giants have had discussions with right-hander Ryan Vogelsong’s camp regarding a contract for 2012 — and beyond. The talks aren’t yet to the sign-here point, and there’s plenty of time to get something done because Vogelsong is under club control as an arbitration-eligible player, but the 2011 Willie Mac Award winner is all ears when it comes to a multi-year deal, and the Giants are open to the idea as well."

I’d expect a two or three year deal to come out of it – and while there was never any thought that Vogelsong would sign elsewhere or that the Giants would move on, it’s good to have confirmation that Vogey will be returning. And by the sounds of it, pretty shortly.