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Reds Willing To Trade Yonder Alonso, Giants Wish They Could Play

By Bryan Rose

News broke yesterday evening via MLB Trade Rumors that the Cincinnati Reds, so desperate for pitching, have now become open to trading top prospect Yonder Alonso in exchange for a powerful arm.

How talented is Alonso offensively? The 24-year-old has an OPS of .837 in four minor league seasons and hit .330/.398/.545 in 98 plate appearances with the Reds last year. Yeah, he can hit. So what are the Reds wanting in return? Oddly enough, a closer – they’ll take a starter, but they’ve had multiple discussions around the league for a closer with the A’s Andrew Bailey being the most recently talked about, although talks have cooled on that as the Reds deemed Bailey alone not enough for their prized hitting prospect. Rumors have also surfaced out of Tampa Bay (who has an opening at 1b and plenty of pitching to go around), but nothing substantial has come from those talks.

For the Giants, Alonso is a no brainer, even with Brandon Belt on the roster – but with little to entice the Reds, I can’t imagine Alonso will be nothing more than a undelivered Christmas wish.

Sure, the Giants have Sergio Romo – whom I imagine the Reds would love, but I can’t picture the Giants parting with their elite setup nor the Reds deeming Romo enough to let loose of their Yonder grasp. Then you have Brian Wilson – a trade, from a baseball perspective, that makes complete sense for the Giants but not so much for the Reds. On field, Wilson is simply too much of a risk given his declining strikeout rate and increasing walk rate. You worry about his potential for injury and at $8 million dollars and a contract that expires relatively shortly, the Reds have little incentive. Sure, Wilson is a marketing goldmine and one of the most popular players in the MLB, so he’d bring in a considerable amount of revenue for any franchise, something most players can’t say but even with that said – the con’s outweigh the pro’s for Cincinnati in that scenario without a doubt. You wouldn’t trade Brandon Belt for Brian Wilson, would you?

There’s no doubt the Giants have or will at some point have conversations with the Reds for Alonso, but realistically, the Giants just don’t have any bullets for this gunfight despite how many times they try to pull that trigger.