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Giants “In” On Clint Barmes, Behind Pittsburgh Pirates For The Shortstop

By Bryan Rose

According to Ken Rosenthal, the San Francisco Giants have made their interest in former Rockie and Astro infielder Clint Barmes known, but they currently appear to be at least second in line for the shortstops services:

"Sources: #Pirates appear leader for Barmes. #Giants, #Brewers also have been involved. Two-year deal likely. #MLB"

I’ve made my feelings on Barmes well known – I’m not a fan in the least bit, especially given the current market on shortstops. And while I’m not a huge supporter of Brandon Crawford overtaking the starting shortstop position, defensively, there is little reason to make the move as Crawford is just as talented (if not superior) with the glove. Offensively, Barmes’ history needs to be taken into account. Yes, he does have some pop for a shortstop, but he’s also played his entire career at Coors Field and a season at Minute Maid Park, two places not known to constrict hitters.

Take this into account – for Barmes’ career (in a nearly identical home/away plate appearances), his splits are:

Home: .276 avg/.329 OBP%/40 HR/175 RBI

Away:  .230 avg/.276 OBP%/33 HR/149 RBI

As I said – Barnes does have some power so the sparse air of the Rockies didn’t aid his homerun totals, but clearly it did help a few more balls find some of that massive open space in the Coors outfield.

Given what we know of AT&T Park’s effect on questionable hitters, the money (and multi-year deal) that Barmes would command and the fact he’s no better than Crawford on the defensive side – I just don’t see the point. A career .250 hitter with a career .302 OBP% isn’t going to alter the Giants season, but the money spent on him and not put to a more beneficial use very well could.