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Bud Selig To Meet With Giants Over A’s Potential San Jose Move

By Bryan Rose

As the Oakland A’s continue to struggle financially and the potential relocation to San Jose continues to gain steam, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig will be meeting with the San Francisco Giants brass within two weeks to discuss the options both sides have, according to FoxSports.com:

"Baseball is trying to accelerate a decision on whether to allow the Oakland Athletics to relocate to San Jose, according to major league sources.Commissioner Bud Selig met with top A’s officials earlier this month and plans to meet with San Francisco Giants executives within two weeks, sources say.The meetings represent the biggest step toward a resolution of the Athletics’ quest to relocate since Selig appointed a three-member committee to study the franchise’s’ situation in March 2009."

What this exactly means for the Giants at this time is unknown, but the Giants do hold territorial rights in San Jose and are the biggest and most crucial roadblock for the A’s potential relocation. New Giants CEO Larry Baer has long been strongly opposed to the A’s San Jose move and has been quoted before as saying the talks are “nonnegotiable”.

As you may recall, earlier this summer when word leaked of the potential Sacramento King relocation to Anaheim, territorial rights came into play then with both the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clipper franchises seeking upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars in relocation fees – something Selig and the MLB may be willing to use as ammunition to get the Giants to loosen their grip on the South Bay.

But unless Selig and company come up with an offer the Giants can’t refuse, they’re not giving up their territory which may cause the A’s to be sold to the highest bidder and eventually moved.