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San Francisco Giants Make 40 Man Roster Moves, Cut Darren Ford

By Bryan Rose

The Giants waited until the last few minutes to submit their 40-man roster for the upcoming Rule 5 draft and surprises were few and far between.

As for who the Giants added (thus protecting them) to the 40-man roster:

Of the Giants who were released, speedster Darren Ford (the biggest name of the bunch) along with pitcher Waldis Joaquin were given their pink slips.

Again, nothing too shocking – the Villalona addition to the 40-man was a bit odd as I doubt any team would have put him on a Major League roster seeing as he hasn’t played a professional game in two plus years during the murder trial, not to mention the lack of a valid work visa. Certainly a talented kid (still only 21) but he has a long way to go….

Lastly, as it pertains to Ford and Joaquin, both could potentially re-sign with the Giants (Waldis already took this route last year after he was claimed on waivers by the Chicago White Sox once released by the Giants) if they don’t garner enough interest elsewhere – though I’d expect both to get minor league offers from low payroll teams with a quicker and more permanent route to the Majors than the Giants can currently (or should) offer.