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San Francisco Giants Linkin’ Round The Cove – November 14, 2011

By Bryan Rose

Another addition of Linkin’ Round The Cove – enjoy!

Bay City Ball – Chris Quick breaks down the Twins signing of infielder Jamey Carroll and what the Giants missed out on.

Giants Nirvana – A solid piece on a potential 5th starter trade target, Chris Volstad.

Giants Win – Clint Barmes a Giant? Take that as you wish.

El Lefty Malo – ELM breaks down the Jonathan Sanchez / Melky Cabrera trade.

Bay Area Sports Guy – The BASG polls Giant fans to see just how many want Carlos Beltran back. Hint, it’s a lot.

Raising Matt Cain – RMC says the Giants need to alter their off-season plans if they want a return to glory.

Extra Baggs – Jonathan Sanchez, Melky Cabrera, Type B free agents – oh my!

Croix De Candlestick – Breaking down the shortstop situation.

Crazy Crabbers – Much like myself, Scott isn’t buying the Giants claims of poverty.