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Willie Bloomquist Rejects Giants Contract Offer – Masses Appluad

By Bryan Rose

Things are bad when you’re in the market for a Willie Bloomquist.

Things could be considered worse when the said Willie Bloomquist rejects your contract offer, which, of course, was the case this morning as the utility man opted to re-up with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Giants had extended an offer to Bloomquist, mostly because they hadn’t seen enough plus 33 year old, sub .265 average hitters in the past few years so they figured why not one more for old times sake.

Kevin Towers, Arizona’s general manager who sure can build a bullpen but little else opted to out-bid the Giants, giving the career .264 hitter a two year, 3.8 million dollar contract.

If you’d all like to sign the Christmas card I’m sending Kevin Towers for saving Sabean’s ass on this, please do let me know.