SF Giants News

Jonathan Sanchez and Prospect Traded for Melky Cabrera

By Melissa Felkins

Here’s a source on that surprising trade that just happened, straight from the horses mouth, or Royals mouth in this case. I don’t want to report what we just reported, but more just talk about what it means for the Giants.  Right now, I’m thinking it’s a good trade, but I have to admit, the thought of Barry Zito being our #5 starter and not having Sanchez as a backup scares me a bit.  Though, I guess I shouldn’t call it surprising that Sanchez got traded, I just hadn’t seen much about Cabrera. At least it’s a Cabrera I could get mildly excited about.

I’d say it could also mean either Beltran has declined or we can forget about seeing Cody Ross or Andres Torres in a Giants uniform next season. But hey, Melky did have a good season this past year and hit over 300, not anything many of our current Giants players can boast.

What are your thought? Good move? Bad move? What does it mean for how the team is shaping up for next season?